Student Vlogger: 3 Best YouTube Channel Tips for Beginners

“How do I start a successful YouTube channel and become a YouTuber?”

If you’re a student who likes to create videos and looking for youtube channel tips for beginners, you’re in the right place!

Currently, everyone is hooked up with creating and uploading videos online like on YouTube, where everyone gets to share their thoughts and ideas as well as some tips and hacks.

Many believe that as long as you can create unique and interesting content, you’re good to go, which is not the case. You need to consider other factors like being consistent and, as well as engaging with your community which will be discussed later on.

Here, you’ll learn:

  • 3 tips for creating a youtube channel
  • What can you do to be a successful YouTuber
  • Why do you need to build a community on YouTube
  • And many more…
3 Youtube Channel Tips for Beginners

What are the tips for starting a YouTube channel?

The tips for starting a YouTube channel include being consistent and dedicated to your craft. You must also build the 3 C’s, namely, channel, content, and community. These tips will help you become a successful YouTuber. 

3 YouTube Channel Tips for Beginners

#1: Build the 3 C’s of YouTube in your YouTube channel

When you’re creating a YouTube channel, there are many factors that you must consider since the road to a successful platform is not going to be easy. 

According to Cristina Calabrese, when building your own YouTube channel, you have to strongly develop its 3 C’s, which serve as the foundations of your platform. This will surely lead you to success.

3 C’s of YouTube is divided into three:

  • Channel. It’s your home base where you get to direct what your viewers will see. This is also where you need to establish the theme of your channel.
  • Content. This serves as the heart of your channel. You need to make sure that your content is creative and unique, and you must be consistent in making it.
  • Community. This refers to your channel’s audience or viewers. You must learn to adapt to your audiences’ reactions or constructive feedback and make changes to have a successful YouTube channel.

#1: Channel

One of the first important youtube channel tips for beginners is to create a strong channel. Your channel will serve as your branding. This is the first step in catching the eyes of your future audiences. 

Think of a theme for your channel. It should be something that you love since you’ll be making content about it.

Tip: Your theme must always be connected to what you admire most because there could be some instances where you might want to discontinue making videos due to boredom.

There are a lot of themes that you might consider. Here are a few:

  • Comedy
  • Education /Tutorials
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Pet Videos
  • Reactions
  • Unboxing New Products
  • Vlogging
  • Cooking

According to the book  YouTube Channels for Dummies, you must consider your channel as your house and create or build it in a way that is distinctive from others. Its layout and font color help in making your channel distinctive from others.

Here are the basic tips for creating your YouTube channel:

  • Have people find your channel. In order for your audiences to know that your channel exists, consider putting search-engine-friendly keywords in your videos so that the viewers will see your channel first before the others.
  • Connect with your viewers.  Engage with your viewers as much as possible because this will help strengthen your channel.
  • Provide them with a clear description of your channel.  Provide your viewers with a clear description of what your channel has to offer so that they’ll know what to expect from you.

Tip: Your channel is the first thing that a viewer will check; that’s why you must never forget that it should always appear pleasing to the eyes of your viewers.

#2: Content

In deciding on what content you should do, never forget about the theme of your channel. Moving away from your central theme can confuse your audiences which may harm your channel in the long run.

You can follow these youtube channel tips for beginners in terms of content creation:

  • Plan before you film. You need to have an idea of what you want to film, this includes a storyboard. You can’t simply shoot a video without having an outline or a script because the final output will not be as great as you want it to be.
  • Know your audience. Content creators need to know who their viewers are because you can create more content that is much appropriate to your audiences’ demographics.
  • Keep viewers entertained. You, as YouTuber, must keep in mind that your audiences must enjoy your content. Your effort in recording and uploading a video will be put to waste when your viewers are not enjoying it.
  • Let them learn something. People tend to click more on videos that give them information. You can share pieces of information with your audiences in a way that is still entertaining and fun to watch.

As a YouTuber, your content is as important as your branding since this is also where you can get the attention of your audiences. Without a good quality video, your viewers will not return to watch another one since they find your content boring.

Another one of the best YouTube channel tips for beginners is making all your videos the same, meaning each should have good quality. 

Keep in mind that first impressions last. You can lose a viewer if they watch that one lousy quality video that you uploaded to your channel and may choose never to view your channel again. 

Not only that, words can spread that your YouTube channel creates unworthy content, which can cause you to lose more viewers. So always remember that every video that you make counts.

#3: Community

Having a good audience is a good thing, but, that’s not all. Being a part of the community on YouTube is also an important part of the Youtube channel tips for beginners. This will enable your channel to thrive.

The YouTube community is composed of the theme of your channel, your video content, your viewers, subscribers, and comments. 

Think of it as your body. It’s composed of everything that makes you unique. Take one out, and you might end up unwell, which is the same with your community.

Also, just like in any community, you must be active and consistent so you can establish and develop a strong relationship with the members of the YouTube community.

Here are a few youtube channel beginner tips in terms of staying active:

  • Uploading new content regularly
  • Always responding to comments
  • Visiting similar channels
  • Engaging with people who have similar interests 

Note: The way you interact with your community contributes to how you can achieve a successful YouTube channel.

#2: Be consistent

One of the best youtube channel beginner tips is always keeping in mind that consistency is key. 

This is because it will help you gain more audiences and make them come back to your channel. But being consistent doesn’t only mean uploading videos on a regular basis; it’s also connected to the format of your videos.

Youtube channel tips for beginners when it comes to creating your videos should follow this format:

  • Intro. Tell your audience what the video will be about.
  • Main Portion. Show your audience what the video will be about.
  • Outro. Recap and invite your audience to return (by subscribing).

Tip: Keep this format throughout your videos since it will help your audiences easily distinguish your content from others.

#3: Follow the success formula

The things new vloggers need to do.

Lastly, when you’re making a YouTube channel and your goal is to be a successful YouTuber then you can follow the success formula that Cristina Calabrese formulated. 

Here are the Youtube channel tips for beginners that you can practice for you to become successful on YouTube:

  • Create an upload schedule. You should decide on what day you want to upload your videos, like once a week up to twice a week.
  • Upload consistently. As mentioned before, you need to be consistent. Follow your upload schedule so you can keep your channel alive and your audiences happy.
  • Change is good.  If you see that your views are below the average, you should consider changing for the better. It can be through the use of different title patterns, descriptions, thumbnails, and many more.
  • Just stay active. As a YouTuber, staying active is a must. People tend to subscribe more to channels that appear to be alive.

Note: There is no exact blueprint for becoming successful on YouTube since success can be done in different forms. This is merely a suggestion or guide.

You should also understand that the route to success is hard. And as indicated at the beginning of this article, you need to have a well-established channel, content, and community to have a successful YouTube channel.

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