Best Freelance Websites Working Students Should Know in 2022

“Can a student become a freelancer?”

If you’re looking for ways to earn money as a student, you can try becoming a freelancer!

There are a lot of ways to earn money by working online. Freelancing gives you not only decent pay but also the freedom to choose which client and when to work on your projects.

Freelancing is perfect for students like you, who are interested in earning money while studying!

Depending on the skills and interests you have, you can have a wide variety of freelancing work to choose from, such as content writing, online tutoring, virtual assistant, photo and video editing, web development, accounting, social media marketing, and many more.

Knowing which freelancing sites to look for will be the first important step for you to start your freelancing journey.

Here, you will learn:

  • What skills should I have as a freelancer?
  • What are the best freelance websites to find work as a student?
  • What should we look for in the best freelance websites for students?
  • And a lot more…
A list of best freelancing websites in 2022

What are the best freelance websites to find work as a student?

The best freelance websites to find work as a student are Upwork, Fiverr,, 99designs, and Guru. These websites are legitimate, popularly used by freelancers, offer work-from-home jobs, with lots of opportunities to learn and grow from!

5 Best Freelance Websites For Working Students

#1: Upwork

Upwork is one of the freelancing websites

Upwork is one of the best freelance websites out there, no matter what type of work you’re looking for.

Upwork offers a wide variety of jobs, such as graphic design, web development, customer support, and freelance writing, among others.

You can find credible clients from small businesses to giant corporations looking to hire freelancers through Upwork.

Although many project openings are posted on the websites every day, there’s high competition among the freelancers in Upwork.

Furthermore, once you’ve bid for jobs or pitched a project, your client will be the one to decide whether you’re qualified or not.

As a result, some freelancers prefer to secure multiple jobs on Upwork, working project after project.

The good thing about this website is that it gives you opportunities and benefits once you’ve already established yourself on the freelancing website.

Also, the more you work, the less money you pay for the commission fee.

#2: Fiverr

Fiverr jobs are one of the most diverse among the endless list of freelance websites available online.

Fiverr, as a freelance website, offers everyone a chance to market their abilities and talents to potential clients.

Fiverr jobs cover most, if not all, marketable talent and ability a person has. From as complex as graphic designing and web development to the more creative ones like singing happy birthday in Japanese while dressed as an anime character — Fiver is as diverse as it can be.

Freelancers will sign up for free, list their gigs, and set their prices. Meanwhile, clients will browse the various categories of the freelancing site and purchase the gigs posted there by the freelancers.

Note: Fiverr takes 20% from your offered price per gig as a commission fee.

#3: freelancing website is an excellent freelance website where students can sharpen their skills and earn extra cash.

Students like you may have little to no experience at all, but this isn’t a problem at Anyone can create their profile and apply for jobs without any screening process. offers two options: (1) you can list your services, or (2) submit bids for job openings.

Although has some of the lowest fees among the other freelance websites, it still has some dishonest clients that you need to look out for. offers unlimited opportunities, especially for students, no matter their background. Everyone can gain invaluable work experience on this freelance website.

#4: 99designs

99designs freelancing websites

If you’re more on the creative side, try 99designs!

This freelance website concentrates on designs, such as logos, book covers, websites, branding, and many more.

In 99designs, everyone can join for free. Freelancers can either compete in contests or look for a client to work on with their project one-on-one.

Just like the rest, 99designs charges fees after you complete a job, as well as extra fees when designers work with new clients. Hence, this isn’t the cheapest site, but definitely worth a try if you’re creative and want to provide quality work to put on your portfolio.

#5: Guru

Guru freelancing website

Guru is one of the largest and most popular freelancing sites online. This freelance website has more than 800,000 employers and two million freelancers listed in it.

Guru jobs and projects cover design, programming, writing, marketing, sales, and management, among others. Even freelancers who study and work in the field of engineering, education, and legal fields are welcome.

Aside from having legitimate clients, payments are also secured, and the fees are much cheaper on this freelance website.

Freelancers, who have received feedback ratings on the site, which helps prove their credibility, can be hired by clients through a fixed-price contract, a task-based rate, an hourly rate, or a recurring fee, depending on the client.

Aside from flexibility, Guru values authenticity. Hence, you can trust the site due to the transparency in their job postings, which clearly communicates what the project demands.

BONUS: What should we look for in the best freelance websites for students?

If you’re still not satisfied with the freelance websites we’ve listed above and you still would want to look for other potential freelancing sites on your own, here are the factors you should take note of when looking for one to ensure its reliability:

#1: Terms and conditions

Freelance websites should have well-documented terms and conditions which protect freelancers and clients on their platforms. So make sure to read the website’s terms and conditions to ensure that the website isn’t shady or a scam at all.

Scams are common in remote job listings and freelance. You need to be more vigilant when looking for a freelancing site where you’ll look and apply for a job or a project. Verify the website, its policies, and the potential clients.

Most importantly, don’t easily give out information that will expose and endanger your personal data, especially your bank account details.

#2: Customer support

This is one of the characteristics that the platform does care for their freelancers and clients. Without proper customer support, issues, such as in the payment method and process, that would arise may not be resolved and cause either or both parties unwanted stress.

#3: Payment and withdrawal methods

Before signing up, this should be clear to both the clients and the freelancers. You have to secure that you will be paid once you have submitted your work to your client.

Getting clients to pay is one of the common difficulties among freelancers. To prevent issues, make sure to have clear payment terms with your client.

#4: Plenty of job openings

The best freelance websites provide freelancers with plenty of available work and career opportunities. A freelance website should have enough projects and worthwhile opportunities for its freelancers, especially to students who have a hard time choosing a specific job or project to work on, as they have limited to no experience and amount of time they could spend working as freelancers.

#5: Student-specific skills

Do the freelance website you’re eyeing offers jobs that you, as a student, can take on? If the skills they are demanding from their freelancers are in the level of being a professional, or it’s something that’s not in your field, you would have to look for other freelance websites that offer you opportunities based on your own set of skills and talents.

That’s why you must look for a website that has a wide variety of industries and opportunities, so you can find jobs you can take on according to your preference, interests, and skills.

#6: Reasonable fees

Fees are expected when it comes to working on freelance websites, but there are sites out there that offer reasonable, and even little, fees to their freelancers. Avoid the ones that took up almost or more than half of your commission fee.

FAQs | Freelance Websites

#1: What skills do freelancers need?

These are the skills that freelancers need and will be able to acquire and develop along the process: hard skills and soft skills.

Clients not only prioritize freelancers’ hard skills, such as expertise in programming, teaching, writing, and designing, among others, but also soft skills, which are reflective of one’s character and work ethics.

Communication skills, time management, passion to learn, and stress management skills are just some of the many good qualities clients value and look for in a freelancer.

You can acquire hard and soft skills through formal education, training programs, organizational works, apprenticeships, internships, and volunteering inside and outside your school.

#2: How can I get hired as a freelancer with no experience?

If you are starting as a freelancer with no experience, you should prioritize experience over a big paycheck. Although it’s challenging, you’ll have to settle on gaining some experience first even if the payment is small, before you start to aim for the higher paying projects/jobs.

Moreover, you have to create a good resume, CV, and/or portfolio. If you want to know how to write a winning resume, read our article about it! You may not have any experience as a freelancer, but it doesn’t mean that you have absolutely no valuable skills to bring to the table.

Plus, you can seek help from freelancers you know to get recommended and reach out to their previous or current clients.

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